imageWelcome to my Travel Blog, Curious Traveler!

I’m Chels, a small traveler that’s always seeking my next adventure! Currently I work in website production at an international non-profit, and travel whenever possible.

While I developed an innate appetite for traveling as a child, I have always been inspired to write. My blog’s content focuses on my past and current adventures, and provides insightful travel tips. I also share my fiction online here.

The first time I ever traveled internationally was when I was 12 years old to England and France. During my second year of university, I studied abroad in Japan for a summer semester.

A year later, I volunteered through WorkAway at a hostel in Sicily, and wandered around Italy, Greece, Ireland, and the UK for a few months. Once I completed my BA in Art History, I backpacked along Australia’s east coast for 3 months.

When I returned home from Australia, I realized I wanted a Masters degree. I lived abroad in Glasgow, Scotland to complete a Masters degree in International Relations. During my postgraduate studies, I was fortunate to adventure through 16 more countries.

Follow my blog to read stories about my travel experiences and suggestions.


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