0F0699B1-0BA3-4EAB-B488-7AA4FCAC192DWelcome to A Small Adventurer, curious Traveler!

I’m Chels, a traveler that’s always seeking my next adventure! While I have always been inspired to write, I developed an innate appetite for traveling as a child. Currently I work in website production at a non-profit, and travel whenever possible.

The first time I ever traveled internationally was when I was twelve to England and France. During undergrad, I studied abroad in Tokyo, Japan. A year later on a gap semester, I volunteered at a hostel in Sicily, and wandered around Europe for a few months. Once I completed my Bachelors in Art History, I backpacked along Australia’s east coast for 3 months. After I returned from Australia, I went for my Masters in International Relations at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. During my postgraduate studies, I was fortunate to adventure through 16 additional countries.

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