Bushkill Falls, Pocono Mountains

A few weekends ago, I met up with a close friend in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania. We went for a weekend of wine tastings and hiking. While neither of us had ever visited, we hiked one of the more popular hiking spots, Bushkill Falls. The park opens at 10am. It’s 16$ for an adult admission on the weekend, and admission includes 2 onsite museums.


The area is comprised of 4 different trails, all varying in lengths and durations. We did the red trail, which was supposed to take approximately 2 hours. However, we completed it in an hour and a half. For the cost of admission, I wish the hike was lengthier or there were additional trails, but it was still fun.


Since we went the first weekend in November, many of the trees were sparse and the trails were covered in rotting leaves. We never felt lost because there were plenty of trail markers and maps throughout the park.

Some of the trails are dirt or rocky paths, while others are wood-paneled bridges. I thought the countless interconnecting bridges throughout the park were incredibly well done. There are several waterfalls and twisting rivers.

It’s a very peaceful place if you arrive before the large crowds come in the afternoon.

Click here to learn more about visiting Bushkill Falls.

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