Mountain Viewing at Grand Teton National Park

Inspiration Point at Jenny Lake

We stayed at Grand Teton National Park for about 3 days, due to some unplanned hiccups in our itinerary. We spent an extra day in GTNP because Yellowstone was closed due to snowfall. However on our third day, the skies cleared, providing us stunning views of the 40 mile long Teton range.

panorama-gtnp-2019There are a plethora of opportunities to get fantastic viewpoints of the Tetons. Since there are numerous overlooks and turnouts throughout the park, you really can’t go wrong and are able to admire a different perspective. In comparison to Yellowstone, it’s a much quicker drive in between sights, so it’s easy to see many.

Teton Point Turnout offered incredible autumnal colors, Snake River Overlook was pretty for its view of pines and the river in the foreground with the dominating mountain range in the background. Some other noteworthy places were Oxbow Bend, Mountain Moran Turnout and Mountain View Turnout.

I thought Jackson Lake Overlook is a must see! This overlook is accessible by driving up Signal Mountain Road. One side offers a panorama of the plains, while the other side faces Jackson Lake and the Tetons. Although snow covered the narrow paths, but we managed to drive up the mountain. Similar to other roads in this park, this road closes from November through May.

lodge-gtnp-2019If you’re looking for a meal or a drink with a view, I suggest going to Signal Mountain Lodge, which rests at the shore of Jackson Lake and faces the mountains. One afternoon we dined at the lodge’s Trapper Grill because a colleague recommended I come here. It didn’t disappoint! We ordered a drink and managed to snag a table at the window to admire the lake and the mountains. If you like nachos, you have to order them! We ordered the small, but it was massive and would be suitable for 2-4 people.

We also drove on route 191 to Elk Ranch Flats Turnout in hopes of spotting wildlife, but we didn’t see anything. We had much better luck at Yellowstone, specifically Lamar Valley.

In a previous post, I highlighted our hike around Jenny Lake. I highly recommend hiking around around this lake because of its gorgeous scenes of the Tetons and the lake. There is no shortage of hikes in this park, and another highly rated (easy) one is the Taggart Lake Trail.

Inspiration Point at Jenny Lake



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