Day tripping the Blue Mountains, Australia

Blue Mountains National Park is located in the New South Whales and to the west of Sydney. Many people compare its appearance to the Grand Canyon in the United States. The mountains are encompassed in Eucalyptus forests. Many believe that the mountains have a blue hue because of the oils released from the eucalyptus trees. Along the trail walks are rugged views of steep cliffs. One of the most photographed parts of the Blue Mountains are the Three Sisters, a rocky formation.

blue-mountains-australia-chels-2015Sydney is a great spot to stay if you want to do a day trip to this mountain range. While car takes approximately an hour and a half, you can also take the train. Arguably the train is the easiest option if you’re traveling from Sydney, because it leaves every hour. However it does take close to two hours.

If you take the train, you would catch the NSW TrainLink Intercity train from Central Station to Katoomba Station. Katoomba is the closet town to the mountains, and from here you would catch a bus from Katoomba Street to Echo Point. Here is more information on accessing the Blue Mountains via train.

In 2015, I spent three months solo-backpacking Australia. While I was staying in Sydney I went to the Blue Mountains. I first visited Echo’s Point, which overlooks the legendary Three Sisters and Jamison Valley. I also walked the Honey Moon trail. Walking along the trail, I heard thunder echoing through the mountains and saw lighting striking in the distance above the mountains. Overall, it was a pretty incredible to experience.


Here are some additional reasons to add this to your Australian itinerary.


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