Visiting Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Neuschwanstein Castle

While staying in Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest, we visited Neuschwanstein Castle. Annually, this castle receives over a million visitors. The castle is accessible by rental car or train with Füssen’s bus (#78).IMG_0045

We took the train from Munich station to the town of Füssen, caught the shuttle from Füssen‘s station, and walked to the castle. The entire journey for us is approximately 2 hours each way. We booked a Bayern Ticket, which is a ticket with a discounted rate for same day travel with a range of 1-5 extra companions, and also includes the bus. The individual ticket is 25 euros but to add each companion is 7 euros.

This castle is one of inspiration. During the 1800s when King Ludwig II was designing the medieval-stylized castle, many of the rooms are crafted in the memory of the famous composer, Richard Wagner. The castle’s name derives from one of the composer’s characters and translates to “New Swan Castle”. Many years later, Walt Disney was inspired by the architecture of the German castle and used its likeness in his popular fairy-tale movie Sleeping Beauty and for the castle at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

We did not book a tour of the castle, because we were worried about the timing and logistics. If you book a castle tour, you must collect your tickets an hour and a half before the tour’s time. It takes about 40 minutes to an hour to walk up to the castle due to steep hills. Its easy to become side-tracked by the panoramic views of Hohenschwangau valley in the Alps of Bavaria and the grandeur of the castle.

However if you’re pressed for time or are unable/don’t want to walk, there is the option of a Horse-drawn carriage ride. This cost between 5-10 euros per person.

Once at the top of the hill with Neuschwanstein Castle, you’re offered the chance to tour its interior, walk across the bridge, and enjoy refreshments and snacks. We walked around the castle grounds, and enjoyed delicious mulled wine and beer. There is the popular suspension bridge, Marienbrücke.

While I have visited Germany on two separate occasions, so far, this castle has been one of my favorite attractions. Although it is a little out of the way for a day trip and requires some careful planning, it was sincerely a highlight of this trip.


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