Cruising Lake Tahoe


While we were staying in South Lake Tahoe, we did a sunset cruise on the Safari Rose through Tahoe Cruises.

Tahoe Cruises has a sunset cruise that offers appetizers with unlimited beer, wine, and champagne. The Safari Rose departed from Ski Run Marina in South Lake Tahoe, which is only a few minutes away from Heavenly Village. It was within walking distance from our hotel, Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge.

The tour lasted 2 hours, and explored the south most part of the lake and ventured into Emerald Bay State Park. The lake was calm and the ride was relaxing. As we sipped champagne and wine on the boat, we saw Fannette Island, the Vikingsholm Mansion, and the waterfall, Eagle Falls.

Although my partner and I were the youngest onboard, we the other guests were friendly and happy to be out on the lake.

In addition, the staff was incredibly accommodating and constantly checked to see whether we needed anything and made sure to fill up our glasses with wine as soon as they were near empty. When a staffer noticed I was wearing a dress on the cool spring evening, he quickly retrieved a blanket for me.


While the boat is from the 80s, we weren’t disappointed in the slightest. Not only is there ample seating on the exposed top deck, the interior which is on the lower deck has additional seats. The Safari Rose’s interior even has a fireplace, a staffed bar, a dining room and furniture made of teak wood and leather.

I opted for this cruise because it was the largest boat that provided a wine experience. The other cruises seemed to have boats that only carried between 6-12 guests, weren’t yet operating for this part of the early spring season, or were out-of-state in Nevada.

If you’re interested, here are more reviews on TripAdvisor for Tahoe Cruises, and the other tours I looked into were Tahoe Tastings and Tahoe Sailing Charters. 


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