3 Day Itinerary in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Walls of Dubrovnik


Day 1

Once we settled into our apartment in Old Town, we walked the walls of Dubrovnik. Although we were exhausted, we decided to walk the walls because the weather the following day would be rainy and unfavorable.

While we walked at a steady pace, despite taking many photos, the entire walk was shy of 2 hours. There were a few spots along the wall that tourists could stop for a refreshing drink or an ice cream, sit down, and use the facilities. After the wall, we walked along Stradun, which is the main shopping street in Old Town. Here we got to see Rectors Palace, Sponza Palace, their catholic church, and the port.

View of the Fortress
Seating in the narrow alleys at Malvasija Wine Bar


Day 2

At this point in our European trip, we were both suffering from colds. While I was on the mend, my boyfriend was utterly sick. Although he had a late start to the day, I chose to wander throughout more of Old Town. I really enjoyed exploring the narrow alleys, seeing local art, and window shopping.

After we ate lunch at Nishita, a popular vegan restaurant that offers a different menu everyday, we tried red and white Croatian wines at various wine bars. I wholly recommend trying Dingač wine. It’s a red wine that is made from small grapes harvested in a region of Croatia. It’s most often grown in areas that are considered to be harsh, due to the grapes growing on steep cliffs with little rainfall.

Noteworthy wine bars that we went to in Old Town were D’Vino and Malvasija. We also visited the Fort and watched the sunset over the coast before setting off to dinner.


Day 3

On our third day in Dubrovnik, we went on our day tour to Perast and Kotor in Montenegro with Amico Tours.

You can read more about my experience in Montenegro here.

View of Perast, Montenegero from a boat

The following day, we departed Dubrovnik in the early morning for our next destination. If we had more one day, or if we didn’t have a late start on our second day, we would have opted for a boat tour along the coastline. While there were many highly-rated restaurants and wine bars that we didn’t get to visit, there’s also the cable car over Dubrovnik, two great museums on the war, War Photo Limited and Homeland War Museum.

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