A Day in Montenegro

We did a tour of Kotor and its Bay area with Amico Tours from Dubrovnik. As I had read so many daunting stories about crossing the border between Montenegro and Croatia (renting a car, large bus tours, etc.), we booked a smaller tour with only 12 people, including the tour guide. Our tour departed early in the morning and the processing time at the border took approximately 15 minutes, however the processing took nearly an hour for the return drive.

Kotor while hiking the Old Town’s Walls

Our first stop was Kotor’s Old Town. After exploring the many alleys and plazas of the Venetian-influenced town, we walked through the small market place that sold local and traditional foods. Next we journeyed up the city’s walls, but due to time constraints, we only made it up to the church, which is considered the half way point. From the walls, we were able to admire the bay, the geometric scene of red roofs directly below us, and the Black Mountains.


In the afternoon, we arrived in Perast, a quaint medieval town. We took a quick, but relaxing boat ride to the island, Our Lady of the Rocks. The inspiration to build the church came from two brothers that swore they saw Mary inscribed in a rock located there. While the brothers vowed to build a church in it’s location, they first needed to create the island, which was handcrafted from rocks and sunken ships. The interior of Our Lady of the Rocks is decorated with a myriad of baroque paintings by the talented local painter, Tripo Kokolja, and even has a museum.

Lunch at Conte

Once we returned to Perast, we ate a late lunch at Conte, which was highly rated by our tour guide. While we sat beside the bay with its waves lapping beside us, we got to absorb the incredible scenery of the Verige, and the two islands, Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George. We enjoyed a delicious bottle of Montenegrin red wine Vranac Plantaže, and seafood. I ordered the filet of sole with almond sauce. Apart from exploring Kotor, this was definitely my favorite moment of the day.

On our tedious journey back to Dubrovnik, I fell asleep and accidentally rested my head on the tour guide’s shoulder as he drove. My boyfriend and the guide laughed at my embarrassment. Before arriving in Dubrovnik, we briefly stopped at a few scenic areas to watch the sunset over several islands, and Dubrovnik’s harbor and Old Town. Our guide informed us that these beautiful spots that offered breathtaking views of Croatia weren’t typical tourist stops.

While the day was a long one, I would do it over again! While this specific tour didn’t stop in Budva, Amico offers tours that do. If you’re interested in booking a tour to Montenegro from Croatia, you can read more reviews about the tour I took, or you can go to their website to see their other options.

Sunset over Dubrovnik’s Old Town

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