The Dublin Experience – Best Places to Visit

Here are some of the best places to visit in Dublin!

Shopping under fairylights

Temple Bar District. Located in the cultural quarter of Dublin, it’s an ideal area for pub-crawling and enjoying authentic Irish music. Many people visit the actual Temple Bar, but since it’s often over-crowded and has high prices due to it’s popularity with tourists, it’s good to check out the other pubs.

National Museum of Ireland. This museum offers free entry, and focuses on re-telling Ireland’s fascinating history through its thoughtfully curated exhibits. This is one of my favorite museums because of the Celtic and Viking artifacts, and especially the morbidly fascinating bog bodies.

Trinity College. Visit the uni’s campus to see its infamous library and the exhibit for one of Ireland’s most influential manuscripts, The Book of Kells. The Book of Kells is a bible crafted of vellum (calf skin) and natural colorful pigments by Monks from the 800s. While the actual codex is on display in the museum, each day, the museum turns it to a different page. I have visited this exhibit twice now. In fact, I will be returning again in October.

Dublin Castle. The castle was built in the 1200s, and was intended for defensive purposes. Now it is one of Dublin’s oldest historical sites. The castle has Norman architectural features, and is iconic for its medieval Powder Tower.

St Stephen’s Green

St Stephen’s Green. While this park is near a busy shopping district, it’s a welcomed reprieve from the busy city. It has many pathways, some of which that circle around its pond. Every time I have ever visited Ireland has been during autumn. I’m sure this park is great during the summer and spring times, but it looks great with all of the foliage turning red and gold in the fall.

Guinness Storehouse. Take the tour and you’ll get a voucher for a beer at its Gravity Bar, which offers a great view of the city. You can even learn to pour a beer here. Although I haven’t been here yet because I’m not a beer drinker, I plan to visit this October. While Guinness hasn’t had a brewery in the U.S. for decades, recently the brewery decided to open a new location in Relay, Maryland.

Ha Penny Bridge. While this cast-iron bridge is a well-known city icon, I don’t think this site is particularly exciting or a must-see, but many tourists do visit it. Walk across and you’ll get a cute view of Dublin. Luckily it’s just outside of the Temple Bar district.

View of the Ha Penny Bridge in the distance

Personally, I believe that Dublin can be easily explored in 2 days. There are so many other cities with a quintessential Irish vibe, historical sites, and natural landscapes to experience while in Ireland. While I’ve been to Ireland three times now, in my upcoming trip, I’ll be staying in Dublin for a few days but getting out of the city to see places I haven’t visited – Wicklow Mountains and Connemara National Park.

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