Traveling through the Desert – Arizona

If you’re able to make a quick trip to Arizona –  do it.

Late August, my boyfriend told me he signed up for a 3 day training in Tucson, Arizona during September. Although I’ve been to over 20 countries, I’ve never been out west. I’ve always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, and I’m fascinated with the desert. I live in Connecticut, and honestly, the majority of my American trips have been along the east coast.

My mind rejoiced and quickly calculated geographic distances and travel time. No plot twist – we decided to take a plunge on a loaded itinerary.

We flew into Phoenix on a Friday afternoon, and in our rental car, we sped up to the Grand Canyon Inn. It was relatively inexpensive compared to our other options, and approximately 20 minutes from the canyon.


That Saturday morning, we ate omelets for breakfast at the Inn and purchased our park ticket at the shop next-door. We spent the day admiring views of the Colorado river carving through the south rim of the Grand Canyon, and spotting elk and desert flowers.

We slept in Flagstaff, and the next day we took a scenic road to Sedona. I couldn’t stop gawking at all of the red rock surrounding this quaint little town. We went to Chapel of the Holy Cross to see the view.

I wish we had more time in Sedona to explore and wine taste, but we needed to head down to Tucson for the training that began on Monday.

In Tucson, we ate at Renee’s Organic Oven – I recommend going to this little restaurant, the vibe is chill, and the food is five stars. It’s especially great if you’re a vegetarian or vegan.

During the work days in Tucson, my boyfriend went to his training and I worked remote, but our nights were filled with adventure.IMG_5132.JPG

On our second evening in Tucson, we went to Saguaro National Park – an oasis of cacti. We caught a hazy sunset.

On our final night, we drove up a winding route on Mount Lemonn. It was awing to see the ecosystems change – our experience promptly transitioned from 90s Fahrenheit and cacti to 60s and pine trees. If you’re sensitive to motion, you might feel slightly queasy. I kept making my boyfriend pull over, but we were able to enjoy the sunset over Tucson.

I’m looking forward to traveling even more out west.


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