Returning to London after 12 years…

jkasbdMy friend Lindsay and I went to London to see the Gala Performance of Doctor Faustus, which features Game of ThronesKit Harrington as the leading role (its ongoing from April-June 2016). The show was a contemporary adaptation to the late 14th century play. They made references to President Obama, and President Trump (unfortunately as the next leader of USA). Faustus (Kit) sells his soul to the devil to become famous and loved by all, but at the expense of not being able to selectively love.

Before the show, we stood behind the Paparazzi and saw several celebrities such as Alfie Allen (Theon on GOT), Natalie Dormer (Margaery on GOT), Kit’s girlfriend Rose Leslie (Ygritte on GOT), and surprisingly Tony Blair’s wife Cherie Blair.

The show was highly erotic (I didn’t mind) – as scenes unfolded extras in the background would fondle themselves, some performers were fully nude, and there were at least 2 rape scenes. This isn’t a typical theatre show – it’s not Wicked or War Horse or the Lion King. However, I would describe the play as an abstract form of ART. I went with my friend Lindsay and at first we decided it was weird – perhaps we didn’t like it – but days went by and we kept referring to and joking about certain scenes in the show. Isn’t that what a successful show does – it remains with you? If not – then I will admit I enjoyed it 🙂

Post performance, I met Kit Harrington. This entailed nearly an hours wait, and standing next to a belligerent, older man. Kit was so sweet – he tried his best to meet with every fan that was waiting for him. I was within the first 10 people he stopped to meet. Although I kept telling myself to remain composed, words failed me and my mind went blank – I gushed about how good his performance was.


EARLIER IN THE DAY— we went to Kings Cross for the Harry Potter photo at Platform 9 & 3/4s.  12 years ago marks my first visit to the city, and the station hadn’t had the feature yet (FYI – I’m totally Ravenclaw). Our day was busy – we shopped briefly and visited the Imperial War Museum. At the museum we saw the main exhibits, the First World War galleries, the Holocaust exhibit, and the Witnesses to War. During January, we visited the concentration camps in Aushwitz, and it was surreal to be brought back to that emotional day at the IWM’s exhibit.kjg In regards to their temporary exhibits, we saw the ‘Fighting Extremes: From Ebola to ISIS,’ ‘Visions of War From Above and Below,’ and ‘Peter Lennard: Unofficial War Artist’.

We went to Trafalgar Square to capture the photo on the right… The left is
2004 with parachute pants and boys clothes vs.
2016 wearing a dress for a gala theatre performance. Trafalgar Square is a lovely spot, and you can spy Big Ben past the statue of Charles I at the end of the road.

Since I’m currently residing in Glasgow, I’ll be back in London soon to revisit other sites like the National Gallery and the British Museum.


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