24 Hours in Copenhagen

On a whim last week, I booked an inexpensive flight to Copenhagen from Edinburgh for 1 day. So much has happened over the past week (my 24th birthday, the death of my grandfather, American Thanksgiving, and handed in 1 postgraduate final paper), that I wasn’t sure if I could handle it, but to be honest – I was due for a much needed a distraction from reality. Copenhagen was perfect for just that. I’m very content with everything I saw – albeit, I didn’t see it all! I left Sunday morning and returned to the UK during Monday afternoon.


Copenhagen was all dressed up with festive lights and their Christmas markets were open! It cheered me up to see so many happy people. I wandered through the shops on Stroget. It’s the longest shopping street in Europe and there’s something for everyone. I was able to see the Rundertaarn too, but it was closed. I heard there’s a better view from another rounder tower, Church of Our Savior.

The main site I had to see was Nyhavn. It’s the infamous harbor area with colored houses and schooners peppering its canal. I paid 40kroner (around 4£) for a cruise around the canals that lasted an hour. It was worth it and I loved it. Everyone says don’t stop at the first one – which is true! The first one was 80kr.


Unfortunately we saw so much I can’t remember it all and the tour didn’t offer any pamphlets. It was chilly on the boat, but I kept switching between seats with an open and shut window for the sake of photo opportunities and warmth. Some of the most notable icons I remember are, the Royal Danish Old and New homes, the Kastellet, the Opera House, the Ship Museum that accidentally blew up some holiday homes a few years ago, Christianshavns, and the Little Mermaid Statue!

The boat itself was quite long and short, but I was very impressed with the captain’s ability to maneuver through the claustrophobic canals. I remember holding my breath and inwardly cheering whenever we successfully moved onto the next set of neighborhoods.

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