Ross Castle in Killarney National Park

I spent two days in Killarney (albeit, one day dedicated to the Ring of Kerry, see post here). I made a point of going to see the National Park, and more specifically Ross Castle.

The river walk is pleasant too. IMG_8378On the way there, I saw these aching rain clouds quickly racing across the mountains. When I spotted birds flocking in the opposite direction, I knew it was too late to turn back. I committed, and unfortunately, I decided against packing my umbrella. With my rain jacket, it was calming to walk through the misting conditions.The paths are filled with dog walkers, backpackers, families. Horse carriages can be hired.

The boats at the dock behind Ross Castle didn’t seem to be running regularly, since November trickles into Ireland’s ‘off-season,’ however it may still be possible to hire a boat. If the weather had been a bit better and had more time, I would have decided to do more of the hikes.


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