Cobh, Cork’s Cove


As I finished up the last of my midterm papers, I decided to come to Cork. Today I traveled further south to visit Cobh, a port used by many of the emigrants in the 1800s. One such Cobh emigrant was my great grandfather, Daniel Patrick O’Sullivan. Cobh, Little Island and Fota make up three islands that are situated on the coast of Cork.image

Although my time spent wandering around Cobh was very brief, and stayed in the harbor area, I’m glad that I got to see the historical city. It has the quintessential-looking Irish homes; the colors delicately juxtaposing one another.

I saw the Cobh Cathedral – mass was starting but I was able to sneak a quick peak of its detailed interior. Unfortunately the Cobh Museum was closed when I arrived and surprisingly – I didn’t go into the Queenstown Story Heritage Center. The Cobh train station does have a very small gallery on models and news clippings dedicated to different types of ships like the Titanic, the Britannica, a German U Boat, and Vikings.

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