Oban and Isle of Seil

12047030_10154138731588797_6115498423472897959_nThe harbor area of Oban is refreshing and quaint. Be sure to grab a take-away latte or fish and chips to bring to the port, and enjoy the mirror images of the boats reflect across harbor.

We visited McCaig’s Tower to see a panoramic view of the port and city. In the picture above, you can see the Tower, it almost resembles the Colosseum.

Later in the afternoon, we traveled a short drive away to Easdale. When we arrived, we did a brief hike up the side of a hill, where we appreciated the sights of Isle of Seil and Easdale Island.12032264_10154138732938797_4604920802579931230_n

The word, ethereal, echoed softly in the back of my mind.

I felt at peace staring out across the stark green landscape that juxtaposed the layers of snowy-slate gray sky and water. I wanted to imprint the serenity of that moment in my mind.

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