Enjoying Edinburgh

11155134_10154138730358797_9146930183877229500_oWell, I’ve moved in to the wonderful city of Glasgow. I’m fairly settled in. Postgraduate classes at University of Glasgow are due to start next week – of course I’m excited and nervous. I’m starting afresh by studying for a Masters of Science in International Relations. It’s been a whole year since I graduated from my undergrad.


During my first weekend here, I took a trip over to Edinburgh to see the capital city of Scotland. Anyone who knows me – knows I can’t stay in any place for too long. The views from Carlton Hill were truly incredibly.

I would love to come back and spend more time up there and possibly try my hand at sketching. I also need to hike up Arthur’s Seat.12046585_10154138730648797_8011355797670097103_n

We wandered through Princes Street Garden, marched past the Scott Monument, visited Edinburgh Castle, trekked down the road of Old Town. I absolutely loved the charming pastel facades.

What HP fan could possibly resist the opportunity to grab a coffee from the Elephant House?!

As an amateur fiction writer, I was hoping the heated espresso beans would instill some type of ungodly wisdom into me. We’ll see if it happens. Make sure to excuse yourself to the bathroom to read the words of previous visitors!

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