Rest & Relaxation in Cape Cod

The Cape is a quintessential vacation spot for New Englanders.

Before I was born, my family used to make the venture on an annual basis to the Lewis Bay in South Yarmouth, however when I started university, the vacationing ebbed. Much of it contributed to changes occurring in the family-dynamic, and being genuinely occupied with work/studies.

My top 5 favorite things to do in Cape Cod

  1. Lewis Bay will always spark my childhood memories. I love walking the gray misty coastline in the morning with a cup of coffee, flying kites, kayaking, fishing at the docks, and sun bathing on the beach.
  2. Pirates Cove Miniature Golf in South Yarmouth. Freakin’ Pirates. How can you not appreciate the Black Beard proving himself as a complete bad ass?! The courses are fun and interactive; Jimmy Buffet and pirates themed music play in the background.
  3. Providence Town A little town settled at the Cape’s tip with a peaceful vibe. Gay friendly. An ideal spot for whale watching. Unique boutiques and incredible views of the Atlantic.
  4. Hyannis, Cape Cod At least a whole day should be dedicated to exploring the bars, shops and sites of Hyannis Port. You will find a ton of memorial sites/museums for JFK because the Cape reveres him as a corporeal god.
  5. The Barnstable Fair Farm animals, face painting, comfort foods, and artsy vendors.

This past weekend, I was able to go with my mom and brother to the Hyannisport. Although we were only able to run up for a quick weekend I’m glad we could make it, especially since I’m leaving soon for my postgraduate studies in Scotland.

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