Stepping Stones at the Giants Causeway

Long, long ago a volcano erupted and brought about one of the most popular modern day attractions in the UK/EU. In 1986, it was established as a UNESCO World heritage site and is a natural wonder of the world.


The basalt hexagon rocks are incredible, and incredibly slick. The water swarms through the stacked rocks and can even splash you if you’re close enough. The day I visited was misty and incessantly drizzling.

If you go and it’s raining, be mindful of your footing and don’t be upset with the weather… After all, it is North Ireland ☺…

I went on the McComb Tour, which left from the hostel I booked for the duration of my stay, Belfast International Youth Hostel.


The tour cruised along the infamous Antrim coast road with breath-taking views of the coastline and its Glens. We even passed by the Game of Thrones set for the Black Castle (oh, John Snow).

We visited Bushmills Whiskey Factory, Carrickfergus Castle, Dunluce Castle, and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. Early in the day it was clear at the rope bridge in Co Antrimand, and I could see Rathlin Island and Scotland’s silhouette across the water.

The view from Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge

There is a legend detailing how the heroic Finn McCool created the Giant’s Causeway as a defense mechanism against his enemies, the Giants from Scotland. The gist of the story is about how Finn and his wife tricked a Giant through self-infliction and deception. As the Giant was weakened, Finn McCool successfully rid NI of the menace. More stories about Finn McCool are found here

If you would like to find out more about the McComb Tour experience, click here

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